Now Plaing

Ask about Now Playing. A real-time ID service of what songs, ads, segments, programs, custom content and even sonic logos are airing at the moment. Consumers don't need to search. Companies don't need to strategize how to maximize their exposure. You can simply post what's now playing...

Providing easy access to audio, video & closed-caption feeds.

Real-Time and Time Shifted Data perfect for

Market Research panels, App Developers, ACR Tech,
Cognitive & Second-Screen Platforms.

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Network Ops Management

Focus on your Platform & Your Products

Let us keep the lights blinking with our dedicated 24/7 DevOps Team.

Specializing in all Cloud Platforms (AWS, Google) and bare metal data center management.

Linux, large storage & streaming expertise, API & Process Monitoring.

Image, Video & Audio Management, Custom Dev & System Configuration capability.

All Network and System administration to Support Your Dev & Staff.

USA large Multi City and International data center presence, redundancy & DR capability.

Monitor it Yourself

"Where is my content airing?" Answer this question for your clients.

Pick your own stations and manage your own media.

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